"My girls loved this camp - educational & fun activities!"


"My son absolutely loved it. Wants me to book for next year already! Best camp he was at this year, by far. Thanks."


"My child was excited by the activities and learned so many new skills. I have downloaded animation software at home where he continues create animations.  Thank you for unforgettable experience! "


"I can’t thank everyone enough for all they did. My Son loved it from start to finish. Please come back next year. "


"My 10 year old loved the camp especially the animation section and he is looking forward to going back again next year."


"It was my sons first year attending this camp and he really enjoyed it and already wants to attend the next one."


"My Kids had a really good time, and are adapting to using traditional keyboard and mouse, which they wouldn't have experienced without techkidz.  I couldn't recommend this enough.  It is the very first steps into IT and its practical uses. The economy is so dependant on our early adoption of tech, and traditional education is lagging behind."