Techkidz Summer Camp Staff 


At Techkidz we select our summer camp managers for their outstanding leadership qualities, organisational skills, summer camp experience and their enthusiasm. All our Summer Camp managers have worked previously as teachers on our Summer Camps. They are dedicated and committed to ensuring all our campers have a positive summer camp experience. Each manager takes great pride in their own summer camp. Children love to see familiar faces!! Each year we have a high return of camp managers which adds to the continuity and stability of the Techkidz Summer Camps

Our Teaching Staff

We take great pride in the curation and development of our curriculum. In order to deliver this content properly we are extremely thorough in our hiring and training process. Our philosophy is different to most other technology course, we hire great teachers first and then we give them the technical skills as opposed to the other way around. We hire only qualified teachers or high achieving undergraduates from the top teaching colleges in Ireland, we believe that these people are best positioned to deliver our curriculum in a fun and enjoyable manner. Each new member of our teaching team will attend a minimum of two training days where they will become experts in both understanding and teaching our industry leading material