Techkidz – Camp Info

To help your child enjoy the Techkidz Summer Computer Camps we wish to inform you of the following:

DATE AND TIME – SUMMER CAMPS: The Camp Activities are from Monday – Friday. Morning Camp is from 10.00 – 12.30 and the evening camp is at 2.30pm and finishing at 5.00pm at which time your child should be promptly collected.

DROP OFF & COLLECTION: We would ask that your child  arrive no earlier than 10 mins before the Camp starts and that he/she is collected punctually as we will not be able to provide supervision outside of the Camp.

RECEPTION:  Please come into the Main Reception Area in the School where you will be greeted by a member of staff who will be easily be identified by our white coats and name tags!

REGISTRATION: Registration will take place on the first day of the Camp. The balance of the Camp fee must be paid on the first day of the Camp.

FOOD AND DRINK: Children are allowed to bring a snack of food and drink if they wish. These will be put to one side of the room away from the laptops & computers!! Please note that peanuts or products with peanuts are not allowed as we have a number of children attending with peanut allergies.

BOOKING INFORMATION: All deposits are non refundable in any circumstances. You get a refund of the balance up to 5.30pm on the Friday before the commencement of the week you have booked. You may also transfer to an alternative week without loss of the deposit if there is availability. Once you commence the Camp, there is no refund if you decide to leave early or cannot continue for any reason.

GROUPS: Children are divided into groups based on age and also on whether or not they have done the camp before. To ensure the smooth running of the camps, it will not always be possible to facilitate requests for friends, cousins or siblings to be in the same group or indeed for younger children to placed in the older groups. Please do not worry as our system is tried and tested over 20 years and works well.

MY CHILD HAS DONE THE CAMP BEFORE: For children that have done the Camp before there will be a mixture of old and new activities. Children love to do some of the old activities again and repetition is a very important part of learning.  As the children get older we introduce extra elements to the activities and we would challenge and expect a higher standard from them if they had done it before.

So for example almost all the children get to make a T-Shirt each year. It is by far and away the most popular activity. An average 7 year old child will usually manage 2 pictures on their T-Shirt while a 13 year old will often do a very complicated and difficult design with up to 30 pictures.

Similarly with Scratch, younger children can make a very basic animation where older children will create a game with a scoring system that is often linked to circuits and bulbs.

The purpose of the camps is to teach and improve children’s computer skills as well as introducing them to Computational Thinking and Coding. It’s also about their personal development and most of all it’s about fun.

FUN: We would like remind parents that above all our Techkidz Camp is a FUN Summer Camp.

MEMORY PEN: If your child wants to bring home their work each day they are welcome to bring a memory pen with them. We can also put on some extra notes and hand outs for the camp. We will have Techkidz branded memory pens for sale at €10 if your child would like one.

PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO: Photographs and video may be taken at the camp for promotional reasons.

FACEBOOK: Please like our Facebook page   if you haven’t done so already.

PRESENTATION ON FRIDAY: We would like to invite you to a short presentation on the Friday where the children will show you some of the work they have been doing during the week.

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