Techkidz Covid -19 Guidelines

Techkidz Covid – 19 Guidelines for 2022

TECHKIDZ – Summer Tech Camps 2022 – Covid 19 Guidelines

Guidelines: All camps wil be run under the most up to date public health guidlines published by the HSE.

The safety and welfare of all students, parents and leaders will inform every decision we make.

Covid Officer: Every camp will have a designated Covid officer. They will ensure all necessary hygiene and other guidelines are adhered to in relation to Covid-19. If any staff member or child at camp is displaying symptoms, they will follow our procedure to ensure the safe isolation of the individual until it is possible for them to go home. A mask will be provided on site for any person who is displaying symptoms. Those potentially affected will be advised to phone their GP and follow their GP’s medical guidance. Techkidz will complete an incident report and comply with any HSE contact tracing requests.


Reduced camp capacity: The number of children permitted at each of our camp venues will be reduced to achieve the best social distancing practices.

Contactless drop off/collection: We will put in place a staggered drop off and collection system. We request that you stick to your allocated arrival and departure times. We will notify you by email the week before the camp with their drop off time and collection time.

Parents will not be permitted to enter our camp facilities at any time during the camp day.

All payments must be made in full before the first day of the camp.


Activities: As all our activities will take place in a classroom setting, we will be able to run most of our Tech Camp as normal. Children will be seated to facilitate social distancing. Your child will be using the same laptop each day and it will be thoroughly cleaned each morning/afternoon. Any other equipment will also be thoroughly disinfected. 

Hand Hygiene and Sanitisation: We will provide a hand sanitizing station at the entrance to the school and in each classroom for children and staff.

Personal Belongings: We request personal belongings be labelled, including water bottles, lunch boxes and bags.

Enhanced Cleaning Routines: As well as cleaning and disinfecting our laptops and other equipment, touch ‘hot spots’ such as door handles, and hard surfaces will be cleaned regularly during each camp day.

Visible signage: Signage and posters will be displayed in all the necessary locations at each camp venue. This will provide guidelines and reminders on social distancing, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette. Children must comply with all safety requirements, hand washing and coughing etiquette. Our Staff will be trained in hand hygiene procedures and will remind children to follow same.